Boot Up problems & Error messages

  pete47 23:25 20 Jan 2003
  pete47 23:25 20 Jan 2003

Hi there,
I'm using a P3 766 System with 256 ram, 40G HD. Running Windows ME.

When I switch on , I regularly get the following error messages:
"MSM caused unknown error"
"usstat " " " "
"usstat error in MSI.DLL"
"LE6WZD error in kernel .32.DLL

"Registry. Repair&Reboot"

I often ignore these and close the message windows
only to run into problems when trying to access my ISP, AOL.
"WAOL error in SHLWAPI.DLL WAOL will now close"
PC then crashes and i have to re-boot.

On rebooting system sometimes works normally only to come up with further error messages next time i switch on.

Any clue as to what all these messages mean and any recommendations as to how to rectify would be most welcome.

Many thanks (Help!!)

Pete Hansford.

  woodchip 23:43 20 Jan 2003

When it offers you the option to repair the registry you should have taken it. reinstall ME over the top of its self if you have a full version

  DieSse 00:08 21 Jan 2003

The only half-way sensible reference to usstat I can find, is connected with an application fo Palm handheld.

Do you have such a thing??

MSI.dll is (part of) the Microsoft Windows standard software installer - LE6WZD has no English references i can find, but the one in a non-latin script refers to Internet explorer several times

I know it's all a bit vagus, but does anything ring a bell??

  DieSse 00:10 21 Jan 2003

With bit more interpretation, I think it's something to do with the installation of IE6. Did you do this recently?

Perhaps try doing it again - or try a repair of IE6 - or try downloading the IE6 service pack.

  jazzypop 00:17 21 Jan 2003

I would guess he means IE6WZD - the IE installation wizard. I was going to suggest your options, but I haven't the first idea what this would do to AOL, or whether they still provide their own customised version of IE.

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