Boot problems after installing ZIP as slave to HD

  BackSlash 20:58 17 Dec 2003

Hello all,

Occasionally, my computer will stop everything its doing and restart. Well, it's done it twice in the last fortnight. It's a brand new PC, but I suspect that I have done something wrong when installing a Zip-100 drive as Primary Slave (to Hard Drive).

Anyway, after spontaneously restarting, The Boot up screen will look something like this:

[i]Pri Master : Not Installed
Pri Slave : Not Installed
Sec Master : CD-DVDRW Matisha
Sec Slave : CD-DVD ROM Matisha

Floppy drive 1 : 3 1/2"
Floppy drive 2 : Not Installed[/i]

As far as I know, it's correct apart from the Primary master & slave are not recognised by the BIOS. So, the machine doesn't start and instead sticks at a screen with "Searching for boot records from Floppy and CD-DVD ROM. Press any key to continue".

Eventually, after tinkering with the BIOS menu a few times (ie selecting auto, restarting, selecting armd, restart, and selecting auto, restart- several times before they are recognised), it starts fine, but I would like to know why it does this so I can prevent it happening again.

Thanks in advance

  minter 21:25 17 Dec 2003

Don't think you should have your Zip drive on the same link as your HD.

You would be better with Primary master: HD; Primary slave: CD-DVD Rom; Secondary master: CD-DVDrw; Secondary slave: Zip.

Have you got your HD and Zip configured in your BIOS startup setup.

  BackSlash 21:34 17 Dec 2003

What do you mean by configured? When the computer works ok, in Bios the HD and Zip are both named, as I had them set to auto-configure. Is there a way of doing it manually?

I might try re-arranging the IDE cables tommorrow if I have time.

  minter 14:07 18 Dec 2003

Bios is ok if set to auto.

Are you connected to EIDE 1 and 2, or are you using another connection, i.e. Raid or SATA.

Also, what is your os? If it's XP try using "System Restore" - take it back to a point before you installed the Zip drive.

  BackSlash 16:34 18 Dec 2003

Thanks for your help minter, I did what you said earlier

(You would be better with Primary master: HD; Primary slave: CD-DVD Rom; Secondary master: CD-DVDrw; Secondary slave: Zip.)

It's just booted up fine and recognised them first time, so hopefully that's the end of it.

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