Whitster 09:09 12 Jun 2010

Hi, the pc that i have been working on in my preveious subject, is now trying to boot but gets into a loop because it has been unable to boot in safe mode (Just keeps looping), so i went into BIOS and into boot and ticked boot in safe mode to see if this would help but now i can not get the thing to boot just keeps looping asking if i want to boot in safe mode, safe mode with network last know configuration or normal no matter which one i choose it just loops, how do i get back to the bios and untick the safe mode box?


  Whitster 09:34 12 Jun 2010

I have managed to boot from Hirens "mini windows xp" but then got stuck and not sure what to do next, as i could not get into MSCONFIG, so im still stuck, any help would br great, thanks

  gengiscant 10:19 12 Jun 2010

Press whatever key you use,mine is delete,to get to the bios, just keep tapping it after you push the power button,
When you have got into the bios ,change the boot order to cd rom first boot. Stick your XP disc in, press F10 then enter which should allow you to do a repair install after your PC boots to the XP cd

Can you post a link to your preveious subject?

  Whitster 11:43 12 Jun 2010

Hi, dont have the xp disc, only have hiren's disc. Just need to get back into MSCONFIG to untick the box safe mode, as safe is not working

  Whitster 12:13 12 Jun 2010

Is there a way of getting into MSCONFIG so that i can untick the load in safe mode

  Whitster 12:18 12 Jun 2010

I can get into the BIOS

  gengiscant 13:06 12 Jun 2010

How did you manage to get to msconfig before? you cannot do it through the bios.
Can you not borrow a XP cd?

  Whitster 13:16 12 Jun 2010

Beacuase i have been having trouble booting in safe mode, i started in normal mode and run....msconfig and into boot and selected ""boot in safe mode, now its stuck in boot in safe mode and just keeps looping, if i could get back into MSconfig and untick that box all should be ok. Dont know anybody with a disc to borrow from

  onthelimit 13:22 12 Jun 2010

XP discs 17 quid off ebay. As long as you have a valid key, it doesn't matter which disc you use (as long as it's the same version, ie home)

  gengiscant 14:22 12 Jun 2010

I found this click here but I have no experince of it. Although I am going to have a look ai it shortly.

If you want I can stick a copy of XP home in the post to you on Monday,just click on the yellow envelope besides my name and give me your address.

  gengiscant 14:35 12 Jun 2010

Sorry the link in the above post is incorrect, go here click here and get the Ultimate Boot CD, but unless you know what you are doing it will not be of much use. But a useful disc anyway.

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