boot problems

  Green Army 13:16 02 Jun 2010

i have a packard bell computer that refuses to start. the other day the computer just shut down on me, now whenever i turn it on it goes through the post test with no problems but between 10 and 15 seconds later it just turns off. some times it get to the selection screen saying windows did not close down properly choose startup repair(recomended), normal, then it turns off

  birdface 13:22 02 Jun 2010

Could be your PSU on the way out.
have you checked the air vents for any dust and fluff if so inside would also need cleaning.
Especially around the fans etc.

  birdface 13:24 02 Jun 2010

Try safe mode.[just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts] and see if it works ok on there.

  lotvic 13:24 02 Jun 2010

could be overheating and shuts down to protect itself. It does this if any of the fans are not working.

With pc disconnected from mains, open up casing, touch the chassis to discharge static, and give the insides a thorough clean from dust. Use a paintbrush to dislodge dust and hold a vac cleaner near to suck the dust up. Or get a can of compressed air to blow the dust out.

  Green Army 13:37 02 Jun 2010

surgically clean inside.
tried safe mode wont stay on long enough

  lotvic 14:04 02 Jun 2010

If you disconnect the HDD and start pc up (you'll get message no bootable device found) does it still power down and switch itself off ?

This test is to check if it is the HDD or not.

While you are in there reseat all the connections incase one has worked loose. (ram modules sometimes pop out a bit as well)

  Green Army 14:13 02 Jun 2010

disconnected came up with no boot media and then turn off again

when i turned it on this time got one beep then bios info came on screen the gave i think it was 3 very fsat beeps

  rdave13 14:21 02 Jun 2010

Could be a failed ram module; click here

  lotvic 14:26 02 Jun 2010

Do as per rdave13's link.

Try one ram module at a time to find which one's faulty.

Leave the HDD disconnected.

  woodchip 14:30 02 Jun 2010

I think that the System Fies have been corrupted, I you have a Full System Operating Sys Disc you could start with it and do a Repair. This will not Work with a Restore Disc. first one does not touch your files but using restore cd will wipe the drive back to factory settings

  Green Army 14:39 02 Jun 2010

tried the memory still no good

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