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Boot up problem with windows XP pro

  Carryduff 19:46 06 Jun 2013

Hi, I recently reinstalled windows xp pro and everything is fine except an annoying boot up problem. I keep getting the message, Diskette drive O seek failure. I have to press F1 and then a screen appears asking me to choose my windows version and press enter. Everything is ok after this but I really would appreciate any help to sort it out Thanks

  Nontek 21:04 06 Jun 2013
  lotvic 00:05 07 Jun 2013

Diskette drive O seek failure. You need to disable it in the BIOS setup.

  Nontek 08:42 07 Jun 2013


My link above explains how to do exactly that :-))

  lotvic 13:17 07 Jun 2013


No it doesn't :-))

  Nontek 13:49 07 Jun 2013


True, not exactly the same, but end result is just as good:-)

  onthelimit1 14:33 07 Jun 2013

Now then children - play nicely!

  lotvic 14:50 07 Jun 2013

Disabling Floppy drive in Device Manager does not always solve this error.

IMHO That depends on several factors and I was considering some of them.

You would still get the same 'Diskette drive 0 seek failure' whether or not a harddrive with a bootable OS was connected to pc.

Does the pc actually have a floppy drive? and if so is it faulty and can't be read to see if there is a bootable floppy diskette inside it so cmos setup is not moving on to the next bootable device in boot order list. (Halt on All Errors setting may be a factor there)

Does the cmos battery need renewing (cmos setup returning to default 1st boot device 'boot from floppy' every time pc is switched on. The clock also will be wrong/losing time if battery is the problem.

The boot order in the bios/cmos setup tells it where to look first for an OS to boot from, in this instance it is looking at the floppy drive, and is unable to read it to determine if there is a bootable floppy diskette inerted in the drive. That means either the floppy drive is faulty or there isn't one installed.

My conclusion is the boot order in BIOS setup needs altering and floppy disabled in there.

onthelimit1 LOL I am :)

  lotvic 14:57 07 Jun 2013

playing nicely, I meant :)

Call me pedantic if you want but I was trying to cover most bases as not much is known about pc. Of course there may be a totally different reason for the boot up problem, hope someone will post if they have any info on possible different reasons.

  Nontek 16:36 07 Jun 2013


Agreed - I think CMOS could need changing and disabling Floppy in BIOS is best way to go.

Actually, that is what I meant to say in the first place - really :-))

  lotvic 18:55 07 Jun 2013

Nontek, :)) friends. Hope Carryduff gets it sorted out.

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