Boot up problem with W2000

  pk470 15:07 02 Feb 2005

Unable to boot past the W2000 splash screen when
printer and scanner are connected to the USB2 card
no problem when they are reconnected to the USB1
ports on the computer,the computer will boot though with the DSL modem connected to the USB2 card!!
I have tried other printers and scanners to no avail also replaced the USB2 card again to no avail.
Is this problem common to W2000??

  Diemmess 16:01 02 Feb 2005

Not a problem for me. My USB ports are arranged differently from yours but then we don't have exactly the same hardware.

There have been several different posts about failure to be able to use some USB patterns. The underlying problem seems to be enough power available when a gadget draws power from the socket into which it is put!

Your printer presumably has its own power supply, and so may the scanner, but the BB modem almost certainly zaps the USB bus for quite a lot of watts.

A simple way out might be to buy a powered USB2 hub, then you can add still more peripherals!

  pk470 16:34 02 Feb 2005

Many thanks for ypur responce as a rule i always keep my DSL modem connected on it's own to a USB1 port for the reason already stated it does pull the power, i can run any form of connection on W98/WME WXP AND XPPRO with no problem very strange.

  Diemmess 18:04 02 Feb 2005

OK, make what you can of this - my arrangement...... Its an old mobo and has a USB - PCI card (from W98SE days)

When I installed W2K the card was recognised without any special drivers. All the ports are on the back of the case. The 2 USB1 ports (part of the mobo)are connected to the BB modem and either of two printers One a laser, the other a photo inkjet both Epson. Neither of these would benefit from the faster USB2 connection, the printers have their own power supplies.

The added 4 port USB2 card is connected to an external HD (also self powered) and the other three are plugged with leads for a memory pen, a digital camera, and a joystick (seldom used).

It is odd that you can work your arrangement from all but Windows 2000, but I'm sure it is a "local" problem and not a snag with W2000. Not that it would make much difference but have you downloaded any service packs and updates?

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