Boot problem - odd behaviour

  Countermeasure 21:31 16 Jun 2005

My Pc has recently failed to boot. When I turn on the mains supply the power LED on the front panel comes on without me pressing it and there's a continuous activity light on the CD. It does not get to POST and there's no beep. If I turn the mains off, reset the bios and then turn the mains supply on again there is no activity until I press the power on button and the system boots OK. I reset the system time and all is OK. If I turn the system off and return some time later the same problem occurs and I have to reset the BIOS again. I've changed the back up battery on the board and the same problem remains. The board is a Shuttle MV43VN with a 2.8Ghz Celeron.

Any ideas?

  Joe R 21:40 16 Jun 2005


sounds like you may have a problem with the PSU.

Have you got another one you could use to see, if this is the problem.?

  Joe R 21:42 16 Jun 2005


sorry, just re-reading the thread, it may also be the ram failing to discharge when shutting down.

If you have two sticks, could you try them one at a time.?

  alltime 21:49 16 Jun 2005

Just a suggestion. Have you tried setting the bios to the defaults, and running a disk check.
Try booting from the cd with your windows disk, when the prompt comes up press any key quickly.
At the C:\ type chkdsk /r
This might put things right.

  Countermeasure 23:23 16 Jun 2005

Joe R Thanks - I have 2 256Mb sticks. I took the new one out and had the same problem. Took the old one out, put the new one in and so far OK. I'll see what happens over the next few days. If the new one on its own stays OK I'll put the old one back in just to check. Presumably if it is the problem all you can do is dump it.

Alltime - thanks for the suggestion. I'll play out Joe R's suggestion first

  martjc 10:53 17 Jun 2005

... a while ago. Ended up I had to simply swap the ram in bank 0 to 1 and 1 to 0. No problem after that.

Best of luck. M

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