Boot up Problem DMI Pool Table/Run-Time Error

  [DELETED] 13:14 09 Dec 2003

A friend was given a PC and I was asked to look at it to see how viable it is. I was told it was working but they had trouble printing. Anyway, when I get it home and start it up I started to run into problems. Both hard discs are okay as I have booted them up on another PC- one has Win98Se and the other ME.

The problem I originally got was when it booted, it hanged on "Verifying DMI Pool Table". When I looked on the internet, one site suggested I do one of two things, either load BIOS and then System Defaults and the other was to Disable CPU Internal Cache and External Cache and reboot. This worked to the point that Verifying DMI Pool Data was successful and I can by using a Boot disc see the directory of my hard drives. However....

1) By then enabling CPU Internal Cache and External Cache it goes back to the original problem or
2) Will not boot to the hard disc
3) Thinking this was a MBR problem, when I want to fdisk /mbr I then get an error "run-time error R6003 - integer divide by 0.

For point 3, I have searched the internet and I get repeated pointings to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 296168 which states that I either attempted to install Windows Me on a new hard disk which I have not done or "Boot-Virus Detection is enabled in the computer Basic Input Output System (BIOS)", which it is not.

The PC seems to be a "build your own" using Award v1.0A BIOS with Pentium MMX processor with about 90M RAM.

One other thing, the BIOS clock does not change ie it still shows the time at which I updated the time and not kept current time.

I hope this is enough info. Has anyone any suggestions?


  Big Elf 13:47 09 Dec 2003

Perhaps the battery is flat and not retaining the BIOS settings.

  [DELETED] 20:14 17 Dec 2003

Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the delay in responding.

I changed the battery, but I still cannot get past Verifying DMI Pool Table, or if I do, the PC just does not go any further.

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