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Boot up problem after Partition Magic crash

  xania 23:00 06 Nov 2011

During a re-partitioning of my Toshiba Satelloite Pro laptop, Partition Magic failed and my entire system was lost. On boot-up started getting the message 'Initialising & Establishing Link' and then after a longish pause:

PXE-E61. Media Test Failure, check cable

PXE-MOF: Existing Intel Boot Agent

Windows XP Pro (SP3) then started to boot, suddenly came up with BSD and restarted. Similar if Safe boot or last known successful start. Ended up reinstalling the entire system using Windows XP recovery disk - of course lost all my other partitions but this is not important - all backed up elsewhere - but once Windows re-installed still getting same error messages so implies something is seriously wrong hardware wise.

Strangely, Windows now working perfectly well and have successfully re-partitioned HHD (using Acronis), but, as I'm about to dual boot Windows 7, I want to resolve this issue first. Please help.

  bretsky 00:55 07 Nov 2011

Try reading this, it my resolve your problem- a gentle shock may be needed??

bretsy ;0)

  xania 08:46 07 Nov 2011

You could well be right. As part of the process, I had to alter my boot sequence but my BIOS is limited and this was the only way I could get it to boot from the CD. I'll change back this evening and report back.

  xania 21:10 07 Nov 2011

Now confirmed problem solved. Many thanks.

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