Boot up problem

  Garland 13:52 23 Jun 2003

When I turn on my PC it sometimes freezes before it reaches the BIOS screen - with only a cursor flashing against a black screen. The only way I can get around this is to switch off and power up again and this usually works. My operating system is Windows 98se.

Thanks in advance

  spikeychris 13:57 23 Jun 2003

Have you got the disk? if so throw it in the drive and type this into run and hit enter


Tick the options box and tick check for everything, it will search for missing and corrupt system files and repair.


  Legolas 14:02 23 Jun 2003

Has it always done this or is it a recent development? If recent it might be down to a piece of software you have installed or something trying to load during boot up. Try booting your computer and going to run and type misconfig and uncheck everything that is booting up at start up except the necessary items, reboot and if it boots ok then it must be down to one of the items trying to load. If this is the case unfortunately you will have to re check everything in turn to find the culprit.

  woodchip 14:12 23 Jun 2003

It's before the Operating System kick's in so the Win98 disc will not make any difference, Have you loaded the Motherboard Drivers

  Legolas 14:17 23 Jun 2003

Sorry Garland did'nt read your post correctly my advice will not be of any use to in this case. Try woodchip's suggestion or perhaps you could flash the bios.

  woodchip 14:24 23 Jun 2003

As above how long as it been doing this, is it a new build or what? As you may have not got some setting right, it only takes one to not be set right.

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