Boot-up Problem

  Abel 21:27 05 Aug 2011

A friend of mine has just phoned with a problem. Trying to start her computer, she gets a black screen with a small window saying something like file DLLsforkernel is corrupt or missing and that windows can’t load. The computer will not load in safe mode either so there’s little that I can think of to overcome the problem. By the way there’s no individual windows disk and possibly only a rescue disk that if used will loose everything on the hard drive, which has not been backed-up. The OS is Windows XP Home Edition. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:44 05 Aug 2011

The computer will not load in safe mode either so there’s little that I can think of to overcome the problem

If Last known good configuration won't work either then your going to need a XP CD. Either for a repair install or an attempt through recovery console to restore.

  Abel 07:32 06 Aug 2011

Thanks Fruit Bat /O! Does the XP CD have to be the Home edition with the same serial number, or can it be any XP CD, mine for example is XP Professional?


  birdface 09:28 06 Aug 2011

There should be a COA sticker on the side of the computer with the keycode and what version is installed.

If it says XP Home then that is what you have to use.

Any XP home CD will do and just add the keycode that is on the COA sticker.

  onthelimit1 09:46 06 Aug 2011

If you can't borrow one, they are available from ebay.

E.g. here

  woodchip 09:59 06 Aug 2011

Why not download Ubuntu and create a boot Live CD with the download, with this you can boot into Linux with the CD without loading it to the Hard Drive then get all files of the main hard drive to a External Drive. After reboot with the Computer Restore CD. to clear the problem. Create the Boot disc using the lowest speed you can use

Click Hear

  woodchip 10:02 06 Aug 2011

By booting using this method it allows you to see the files on the hard drive that will not boot. You will need to do this if she is not tech savy

  Abel 12:16 06 Aug 2011

Thank you all for your contributions especially buteman who came up with the simplest solution. Thanks also to woodchip. However, my friend is a vertual Ludite, and while she'll probably be able to cope with a repair using the XP CD, she certainly wouldn't be able to cope with your suggestion. The real problem is that I'm in Devon and she's in Surrey.


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