Boot Problem

  ribo 03:41 21 Jan 2010

I have got myself in a mess and am hoping
someone will be able to help me please.

I installed Windows 7 on a HHD and had XP left on the other one. I have disconnected the XP drive, but now I cannot boot into the drive with W7.
I have to continually press F8 and I get a window asking me which device I wish to boot from. I choose my HDD and windows 7 opens ok.

I thought if I could get into the BIOS I may be able to change the boot sequal, but I cannot get into the BIOS. F8 only gets me to the screen i have mentioned.
Can anyone help me please? J

  User-312386 08:06 21 Jan 2010

Did you by any chance have the XP HDD connected when you installed windows 7. I thought you said that windows 7 is classed as a D drive in your other thread?

  OTT_B 09:58 21 Jan 2010

Jock1e's solution of trying Del, F1, or F2 or startup will almost certainly work, but if it doesn't, post back details of your motherboard (or make / model of PC) and someone will be able to look up how to get into your BIOS.

  ribo 15:45 21 Jan 2010

Where would I be without you guys. Thank you so much for your help. I have done it. It now boots straight into Windows 7.

Pressing Delete button was the one. It got me into the bios and I changed the Boot Hard Disk Drives so that the system drive was first.

When I finally got W 7 installed. It was classed as D drive. I reinstalled it, making sure it was going on to C drive. (that is where it is now).But that was when this problem started.

It is all sorted now, thanks to OTT_B ,Jockie and youself.

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