Boot Problem

  Alex-188000 16:50 05 Aug 2009

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me please. I have replaced my friends motherboard for a newer one. However When I turn it on it just emits 3 long beeps then a pause then repeats. There is no ouput signal to the monitor neither.
Any suggestions?

  woodchip 16:58 05 Aug 2009

Try reseating Memory and Graphics card if its not onboard Graphics. If you have changed the board I doubt you will get it to boot as well. You need to start with the Operating System CD in and do a Repair as the Hardware as changed as will have the drivers.

PS a Restore CD will not work it as to be a Full System Disc with same operating system as what is on the drive

  Technotiger 17:00 05 Aug 2009

Check your Keyboard connections, or try a different keyboard.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 05 Aug 2009

click here beep codes

depends on your make of BIOS but 3 beeps is often memory problems.

  GaT7 17:14 05 Aug 2009

If you find the keyboard is OK, & if you have more than one RAM module, try installing only one module at a time, each time swapping for another. G

  Alex-188000 20:16 14 Aug 2009

Thanks for replies. I have tried booting up with XP disc, no luck, also tried using only one RAM module and swapped them other aswell with no luck. Also tried using on board graphics and also with a graphics card, again with no luck! Still same 3 beeps! The keyboard does work, and also The shop I bought it from tested the motherboard and it booted up BIOS fine and even included a 30 day warranty but its been over 30 days :( Any other suggestions?

  GaT7 20:24 14 Aug 2009

What's the motherboard make & model please?

Can you test the RAM in another motherboard if possible?

What kind of RAM is it? SDram/DDR1/DDR2?

It's looking like the motherboard/its RAM controller is at fault though. G

  Alex-188000 20:31 14 Aug 2009

I don't know the make/model of the motherboard, I doubt it will say on the board itself will it? Tried looking but nothing jumped out, just a sticker on the bios chip. The board has 2 slots for DDR1 and 2 for SDRAM, trying to use 2 sticks of DDR1

  GaT7 20:56 14 Aug 2009

Could be printed on the board somewhere, or on a sticker - look more closely perhaps, & both sides.

Will the store you purchased it from know the make & model?

The reason I'm asking is so that we could somehow get hold of the board's PDF manual, & have a look at the error beeps. G

  Alex-188000 10:47 15 Aug 2009

Well..... I put back in the old motherboard GA-72x)connected everything back up and now this one wont turn on at all! Checked the manual to make sure all front jumpers are on the right pins but theres no life at all. Noticed there is a small green LED on the board which usually lights up when the PSU is turned on, even if the PC is not actually turned on. However now this green LED is not lit at all. Would it worth checking the PSU? I dont have a spare one lying around but I do have a voltmeter so was thinking of checking the 20 pin power connection from the PSU to the board. Good idea? If so what values should I getting from which pins?

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