Boot-up problem

  DWANE PYPE 15:21 30 Aug 2008

When first booting up the PC,get the single beep, everything springs to life, but no mobo board screen, no windows screen, in other words screen is blank till it gets to the password screen,what happens prior to that is, no blue light for the screen, then it starts flashing and at the same time a little window comes up to say no signal, this lasts for about 5-7 mins, then password screen comes on, after that the PC works as it should, and if I have to do a restart, or shut down for a few minutes, I get the normal boot up, no problem,only when its been off for 15 mins or more it does not boot up as normal.

Thanks inadvance,


  Pineman100 16:29 30 Aug 2008

This may be a long shot, but when you experience this problem, have you got a printer attached to the computer and switched on?

If I try to cold boot my XP computer with my HP multi-function printer already switched on, I sometimes get all the symptoms of everything hanging at the first bios screen. It will stay like that for several minutes, before the boot process finally decides to continue, and Windows to start up normally.

There's obviously some sort of conflict in the boot-up process. I've never bothered to try and sort it out - I just make sure that my printer is not switched on when I boot up the computer. I boot up, then switch on the printer - no problems.

  DWANE PYPE 19:49 30 Aug 2008

Printer is only turned on when I want to use it, the same as my scanner.

Thanks for the input.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:00 30 Aug 2008

Sounds like the graphics card not putting out a signal when the machine is cold.

Is your g card powered from the PSU? try swapping the power plug to the graphics card.

May be the first signs of PSU failure how old is the machine?

  DWANE PYPE 22:20 30 Aug 2008

Graphics card is not connected to the PSU.
The Card is a ATI Radeon HD2600 XT, bought November 07.
PSU was bought August 07.
I up date the PC if and when I can.
The Card is a ATI Radeon HD2600 XT, bought November 07.
As I said once it up running it is no problem.

The tower is in an enclosure in a unit, but it runs hot in there so before I boot up I pull it out half way, its 8-10dgrs cooler then.The room that I'm in is a warm room.
So I don't think I need the hair dryer???

Have you (or any other forum member) any suggestions to a possible remedy.


  woodchip 22:23 30 Aug 2008

Sounds like you need a bigger power PSU

  DWANE PYPE 23:54 30 Aug 2008

Its a Thermaltake 470W, all that is on the PC, is 2 HD's, 2 DVD'S,plus the old faithful floppy when needed. its run them upto now without any bother.

I have taken out the Graphics card and gave it a wipe, and made shure its properly seated.

Thanks again,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:27 31 Aug 2008

May be the first signs of PSU failure how old is the machine? especially the age of the PSU?

  DWANE PYPE 13:35 31 Aug 2008

As I said in my 22:20 Sat post.
PSU.Thermaltake 470w August 07
Graphics. ATI 2600xt Nov 07
Mobo bundle (novatech) June 07

So my PC is'nt that old in time,but maybe in progress terms,by todays standards.

Once booted it works as it has done, no strange noises, no smells, all fans working.

This odd boot-up by the way only started about Ten days ago.

Thanks for the input. Any more thoughts.


  PO79 15:35 31 Aug 2008

This card has two dvi connectors, have you tried switching them to see if this helps?

  DWANE PYPE 15:54 31 Aug 2008

Yes, have tried that.

Have just booted up again after 20mins, same thing,pressed the reset button and it started up normally.?????


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