Boot up problem

  GBL 12:27 02 Jun 2004

Periodically when I boot up my PC, with XP Pro installed, it appears to go to sleep part of the way through, it all used to be OK.
Could this be a fault in the HDD???
I have been thinking of replacing it but do not want to lose all the updates and drivers etc.

I also get a freeze up from time to time for no apparent reason, ie playing solo or just when idle, the only way out is to reboot.

These problems are not consistant but irritation when they do occur.

I am certain that I do not have any virus.

  hugh-265156 12:43 02 Jun 2004

does the whole machine power down during start up or does the monitor just switch to standby?

if its the monitor check all leads are connected firmly,try also removing any tv out svideo leads and just leave the monitor connected to try.

if its the whole machine powering down at start up then my guess is it could be the power supply.

crashes, freezes in windows etc can be caused by this but first check you have the latest drivers for motherboard graphics sound and patch any games also.also make sure windows is up to date too click here

have a look in control panel/administrative tools/event viewer for any errors listed at the times you may have had a crash for more info.

  GBL 12:54 02 Jun 2004

What actually happens is that it starts to boot up as normal, then the HDD seems to nod off before it has completed all the installation, if I click the mouse I get the egg timer, then after a while it wakes up and finishes the job.

I did try to download the latest drives but the system crashed each time so I gave up.

  hugh-265156 13:02 02 Jun 2004

when the hard drive nods off as you say

do you still have a display on the monitor and is the activity light lit on your case?

you say above you get the little egg timer shown if you click the mouse so the monitor and the hard drive have not gone to sleep otherwise you would see nothing.

sounds to me like its just a bit slow at starting.

have you run defrag lately? try also disabling some uneeded programs from starting with windows. click start/run and type msconfig and click ok.

click the start up tab and untick everything listed here except your AV and firewall and restart.

  GBL 13:10 02 Jun 2004

The HDD display light is off, but everything else on.

I do defrag once a month or there abouts.

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