Boot prob with laptop

  Newuser2 18:55 05 Oct 2014

My laptop has developed a bootup error. On startup I get the following error message on a blank screen A Disc Read Error Has Occoured Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. I do that and the error message just keeps coming up. I can Access the BIOS by F2 ok all seems ok there. Is It poss the HD is on its way out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:37 05 Oct 2014

Is It poss the HD is on its way out.

sounds like it has already died, tell me you have the restore disks , a backup of all your data and the windows serial key?

  rdave13 19:40 05 Oct 2014

It's possible that it's died. Check the bios to see if it sees the hdd. If it does then try setting it up as first boot. You should also remove any USB peripherals connected in case it's trying to boot from USB.

Have you dropped or jerked the laptop? It might be something as simple as checking the hard drive's physical connection. Open the cover, remove the drive and reconnect it. Obviously with no power source connected.

  Newuser2 07:33 06 Oct 2014

Thanks guys for your help. I'll check the HDD connections to see if thats the prob. The bios is set to boot from the hdd. I'll report back later. Thanks again for your help.

  Newuser2 08:46 15 Oct 2014

Took the lappy into a tech company, The HD is dead.Beyond recovery. They have installed a new HD 500GIG and reinstalled windows for me.

  rdave13 16:01 15 Oct 2014

Newuser2 thanks for the feedback. You're lucky, as a recent storm blew my motherboard, router and modem. BT were very busy in our area and took a week to get back online. That's it for me with desktops, can't be bothered installing a new mobo again and setting up. Laptops only from now on.

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