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Boot loop even with new PSU ! Help Please

  Mohamed Salem 14:17 30 Jul 2019

Hello,guys, Recently I had boot loop with my pc , Which is msi infinite 8ra i5 8400 8gb ddr4 Gtx 1050 only one case that the pc does not do boot looping is when I unplug cpu power cable without any other cables connected So what is your suggention ? I switched the Ram slot I unplug all parts and plug them again unless the CPU itself, did not touch it at all

I bought new PSU, I still have the same problem BootLoop

Any help please. Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:44 30 Jul 2019

Version of windows?

It will not boot at all with the cpu power disconnected.

This is a problem with corrupt boot files or a faulty drive.

Please explain what you are seeing on the screen or any error messages.

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