Boot issue with faulty HDD

  Jlen 15:59 19 Nov 2011

I have a faulty 2nd 150 gb HDD backup which I use for various music files etc, it is 10+ years old and is now on its last legs it seems to be stopping & restarting in a cycle.How do I disable it? as it is messing up the boot sequence and I am having to go through the repair/restart and all that carry on and I can't access the content as it 'hangs.' Task Manager cannot even end the process. The files are not important and I know I will remove the faulty drive eventually. How do I disable it in the first instance?

Thanks in advance

  rawprawn 16:10 19 Nov 2011

As genius ant says, it would be better to take the drive out. If you want to rescue any files on it try it in an enclosure.

  rawprawn 16:11 19 Nov 2011

Sorry gengiscant, you know what my fingers are like!

  northumbria61 17:46 19 Nov 2011

gengiscant - better that being an agony aunt I suppose!

  Jlen 13:23 20 Nov 2011

Thanks Guys, ...I did eventually remove the hard drive after copying all folders. It was an interim solution I was looking for in the first instance. I didn't want to interrupt what I was doing as I was on a short timeline to deliver work I hadto complete. All good and done now

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