swanny2 23:32 12 Feb 2010


THANKS :O)desktop back asap as this laptops not mine.
Tonght my Avast anti pops up saying i have a virus.was a weird alarm noise letting me know.
I went too delete extra,then rebooted my Pc,but it now keeps rebooting,goes too the page that says Sorry for the incoveinance,please use arrow keys too start in windows normally,etc,thing is the arrow keys dont move,so then when the 30 seconds have finished at the foot of that boot page it starts all over again....Ive tryed the f8 but that doesnt work.also turned me pc off at mains .but it still keeps on reboooting.

  swanny2 23:48 12 Feb 2010

fogot too add, have tried every option and it resets right after it shows the windows and a FLASH OF THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. it flashes so fast i am incapable to to read what the BSOD even says.

  Pineman100 10:55 13 Feb 2010

Are you sure that F8 is the correct route to Advanced Boot Options for your computer? It usually is, but occasionally some computers use a different key.

Assuming F8 is correct, are you sure that you're tapping it early enough in the boot procedure? You should start tapping it regularly as soon as you start the computer, and only stop when the Advanced Boot Options screen appears.

If you do manage to get into this screen, try starting the computer in Safe Mode. If you succeed, then run System Restore and restore back to a date/time before the problem began.

If that doesn't work, try selecting Last Known Good Configuration from the boot menu.

  swanny2 12:33 13 Feb 2010

yes ive tryed doing as you say with f8 but still nothing,it just keeps rebooting all the time back too the page where you have the option too scroll up with the arrow keys too select Start windows normally ,but as i say the arrow keys wont move either.#
IM on a friends laptop here,i need sort this out soon as i wont have acsees soon too a pc. thanks for advise .

  swanny2 12:48 13 Feb 2010

ps-ive tryed tapping all the F1 F2 etc still the same.

  Pineman100 18:19 13 Feb 2010

In that case I think you need to insert the Windows disk, restart the computer and boot up from the disk.

Then run a repair installation.

NB - a REPAIR installation. If you run a full reinstallation, all data will be lost.

  swanny2 18:27 13 Feb 2010

cheers pine but i havent got the windows disk

  Pineman100 12:44 14 Feb 2010

Has the hard drive got a restore partition on it? If so, you should be able to access this by pressing a certain key on boot-up. Watch the screen carefully as you first switch on, and you should see a notice to this effect.

Be careful, though. I've heard of some restore partitions that don't offer a repair installation - only a full Windows re-installation. If this is the case, do be sure that you backup all your data and settings before attempting this process.

  swanny2 21:21 26 Feb 2010

tx all anyway myfriend said there was a virus on it, hes formatted it and all is ok . cheers all... onlyprob i get thid Bing pop up and i have no sound now :O(

  swanny2 15:33 01 Mar 2010

Thanks all for your Help im all sorted out now.
Cheers :O)

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