Boot up to floppy

  mike55 16:17 16 Feb 2005

I used to be able to boot up to a floppy just by having one in the slot when I switched on but that no longer happens. I want to use the Disaster Recovery Disk of Norton Ghost to test the integrity of an image I have created on DVD. Can anyone offer any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:21 16 Feb 2005

Go into BIOS and ensure that the startup order is correct - ie floppy first.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:22 16 Feb 2005

PS At boot up you should see "press del to endter setup" or the like.

  mike55 22:57 16 Feb 2005

I had a look at the bios but there was not any way to choose which drive to boot to.
Is it possible to get it to boot to the DVD drive?

  stalion 23:20 16 Feb 2005

it is not visible in the bios you have to search for it by opening the relevant section just be careful to exit each part correctly.When you find the options you will see 1st boot 2cnd boot
Third boot.You can then determine the order you want ie;floppy first cd second hd third or whatever.

  the Rascal 09:11 17 Feb 2005

Another way for you is whem you create your recovery cd,put the ghost boot disk in then when you continue to make the disk it should also ask you do you want to copy the ghost boot disk files on it as well.Then all you have to do is put the recovery disk in the pc and then restart it which should bring you to nortons dos interface were you can still use the keyboard and mouse to restore/check a image
I hopr this helps

  mike55 12:34 17 Feb 2005

When I start to enter my email address I get 4 or 5 options most of which were my mistakes how can I stop them appearing?

  mike55 12:36 17 Feb 2005

Oops the last one should have been a new subject.

  VoG II 12:44 17 Feb 2005
  mike55 14:33 17 Feb 2005

What I should have said was, I am using a web mail service and when I logon then I get lots of options most of which are wrong.

  mike55 14:38 01 Mar 2005

Thanks. Found what I needed in the BIOS thanks to yourselves. OK now.

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