Boot-Up Fault - Beeps

  The Griffman 17:04 05 Feb 2004

Upon booting up my pc, I am greeted by one beep, then some floppy drive activity, then another single beep and so on so forth. The monitor doesn't even get a signal.

I have check the AMIBIOS site and one beep means 'insertte a disk into drive A:'. So I follow the advise and insert one, but then I get two beeps, which means: 'AMIBOOT.ROM file not found in directory root of floppy A:'

Next, I disconnected all floppy drive cables, butthen I get 8 beeps which means 'Floppy Controller Failure'

GEEZ! Any ideas how to fix the single beep and allow me to boot-up normally again!?

  hugh-265156 17:38 05 Feb 2004

one short = click here

one long = all ok.

  The Griffman 18:34 05 Feb 2004

Okay, I seemed to have fixed the beeping situation now. But, there is not POST boot beep to tell me the bios checks are okay, and there's no sinal on the monitor.

  hugh-265156 20:05 05 Feb 2004

some computers do not give an ok beep.mine doesnt.

check your graphics card is correctly seated in the slot.check all cables are plugged in properly.

try another monitor or try your monitor on another system to rule that out as being at fault.

some monitors have a test screen(like a tv test card).if your monitor has this,to view it unplug your monitor from the graphics card and turn it on.

  hugh-265156 20:08 05 Feb 2004 did you fix the beep?

  The Griffman 20:15 05 Feb 2004

No idea how I fix the beeps, just rearranged the cabling and it seemed to sort itself out. But im stuck at no signal on monitor and no POST bios beep now! :-S

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