boot up fault

  gkford 14:35 19 Oct 2004

my pc, (three days out of gaurantee )has developed a sudden fault. After switching on the system normally shows a couple of black sceens which quickly move on, yesterday the first black screen stayed on while varios checks were made ending with ;detecting primary master ; none and then ; detecting primary slave tnen moved on to the next screen the final item reading ;disc boot failure ; insert system disc and press enter. However inserting system disc did not work. after several attempts the same day with no success the next morning it booted up successfully but it later failed again.can anyone help please ?

  SEASHANTY 16:09 19 Oct 2004

The warranty is not the be all and end all. PC's - like all other goods are expected to conform to reasonable use under the Sale of Goods Act. A complete failure after just one year for a PC is not reasonable use and you would have a claim against the SELLER of the machine on the grounds of
durability. See the information on the UK Trading Standards website click here
You can make a claim for up to six years after purchase if you believe the goods should have lasted that long. These rights supercede any warranty. Contact your local trading standards for advice. You could take action in the small claims court.

  woodchip 16:12 19 Oct 2004

It does look like the Hard Drive failing

  woodchip 16:14 19 Oct 2004

Try starting the Comp with a Floppy disc with Seatools on it so it can check the drive. It may just be a faulty Ribbon cable have checked that both ends a puched full on. Also you change it with the CD cable just to try it

  SEASHANTY 16:21 19 Oct 2004

Also another consumer website click here

  SEASHANTY 16:27 19 Oct 2004

If its a Seagate HDD and if Seatools tells you that the drive is failing then you may have some problems. Assuming that the HDD came with the PC then Seagate will tell you that the drive guarantee is OEM and was sold as a system component. It will suggest you contact the seller for service. That is what they told me when a Seagate HDD was failing.

  gkford 17:10 19 Oct 2004

message to seashanty. thank you for your interesting reply, but I should mention that the guarantee mentioned is the end of a 3 year return to base warranty.

  the-george 17:16 19 Oct 2004

What was the 'system disk' that you inserted?

  gkford 17:25 19 Oct 2004

is the main opinion that I have a hard drive fault, and also where can I download the seatools checker please.

  gkford 17:31 19 Oct 2004

the systems disc was the xp pro system disc

  livewire 17:45 19 Oct 2004

What happens when you insert the disc?

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