Boot failure insert boot diskette in A

  funkam 12:00 27 Aug 2003

Help,I cant load my computer,it wont even boot up!It runs on Windows 98 and is AMD ATHLON 1333MH.I dont have a disc to put in A,where can I get disc I need or download what I need?Im on a mates pc now,HELP
Thanks Funkam

  Q-Bie 12:07 27 Aug 2003

That means your PC isn't detecting a bootable volume on your Hard Drive, and it's looking on the floppy drive for a bootable disk. This means either your hard drive is dead, or the windows partition has been deleted.

you can download a bootdisk from click here, it will boot you into DOS and let you run scandisk and other commands, but it sounds like you'll need a new hard drive.

  seedie 12:09 27 Aug 2003

Can you make a floppy boot disk from your mates PC?

If he has a blank floppy type sys a:

If you're lucky it might just be a loose connection on your own puter. If not you won't be looking at Mars tonight :)

  funkam 12:15 27 Aug 2003

My mate has windows 98 if I make a floppy from his will it work on mine?

  Q-Bie 12:20 27 Aug 2003

A boot floppy will work on any pc. Its just a simple disk that will load DOS and let you run basic commands. However some of the ones on the site I linked to in my post have extra tools to help diagnose problems.

  seedie 12:31 27 Aug 2003

If you can get as far as booting into dos in your own puter, type c: and tell us what happens.

  funkam 07:52 28 Aug 2003

So I will try this!

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