boot up failure

  azabeat 23:02 26 Jun 2003

Got a wee problem here! My friend's pc has seemed to have given up. He was told the hard drive was damaged and bought a new one, but tonight, as we were about to install the new hard drive, it just seemed to go CAPUT!! Nothing at all. Do you think the hard drive has given up or can it be the processor?
Tried to install the new HD (120gb western digital Caviar)but nothing happens, just says press F4 to continue and still nothing happens.
Tried the hard drive in my spare pc and it didn't boot either! What are we doing wrong?
Thxs for help :)

  Ice Junkie 23:09 26 Jun 2003

If you have tried the HD in another computer then i'm assuming it might be the HD, try and different HD in his computer. You can still get into the BIOS without having a HD in the computer. Just have a play in there and make sure everything is okay! Reset to factory settings and go from there.

Keep us posted

  woodchip 23:10 26 Jun 2003

Have you been in the bios setup when you start computer to auto detect the drive

  Ironman556 23:15 26 Jun 2003

Have you made sure all the cables are connected correctly and firmly? (It may sound silly, but people (including me) can spend ages wondering why somthing not working, then check the cables)

  Ice Junkie 23:15 26 Jun 2003

following woodchips post....

You have to let the PC know what it has got connected to it. If its a new hard drive you will have to let the PC dectect it.

  azabeat 23:15 26 Jun 2003

yes, tried the bios, but it couldn't find the hd. I have the settings for the hd, but not too sure how to entry them
ta x

  Ice Junkie 23:16 26 Jun 2003

Speaking of cables, have you also tried using a difference IDE cable? Those old ribbon ones can be quite flimsy!!

  Ice Junkie 23:18 26 Jun 2003

Enter them by going into the BIOS and just pressing return or the -> on the cursor keys. Like we said, it will auto detect!

  azabeat 23:20 26 Jun 2003

Ice Junkie, no i haven't changed cables. would that make the difference? I have fitted HD's before, no problem, but this pc was down before I started, if you know what I mean. But I did try it in my other pc, but it didn't work either

  Ice Junkie 23:21 26 Jun 2003

Ah can't be the cable then.

If the hard drive is not working in another PC mate then it might be the hard drive? Have you made sure its set to master?

  woodchip 23:23 26 Jun 2003

Set the drive to AUTO if you can it should be LBA if it's an old computer

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