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  K*B 19:06 08 Feb 2011

Friends, my Win XP PC has always booted up successfully until this morning when it persistently refused to go beyond the following, with the usual black background on the screen:

Verifying DMI Pool Data ...............
Boot from CD:

A blinking cursor remained after this display.
I manually powered off and on several times but it always stopped there. I remember last week the PC bootup became successful after manually powering off and on. Any fix for this? Thanks in advance.

  Bris 19:21 08 Feb 2011

1. you have left a cd in the drive that its trying to boot from. Remove the cd/dvd and reboot.

2. you have changed the BIOS settings to boot from the CD drive. Enter the BIOS setup screen and disable the boot from CD drive temporarily to see if that cures it.

3. your HDD has taken a dive and is no longer bootable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:18 08 Feb 2011
  K*B 08:26 09 Feb 2011

Thanks guys. In the recent past bootup has been successful after manual power-off and on, when it had stopped at "Verifying DMI Pool Data". Initially I had to manually power-off and on only once to get my PC up and running, then I needed to do so more often, but now it stops forever at "Verifying DMI Pool Data". Could it be that something was slowly dying? If so, what could it be? Thanks.

  chub_tor 09:26 09 Feb 2011

If it is not a "CD in the tray problem" or a "changed BIOS problem" as suggested by Bris or any of the software setup problems suggested by FB then you are correct and something (your hard drive) was dying and is no extinct. If you are very lucky you may be able to put it into another PC and recover your data but you will still need to buy a new hard drive and re-install everything including your OS.

  Bris 16:07 09 Feb 2011

If its looking like a HDD problem, check both the power and data cables. If its IDE then loose cables can be the cause but if its SATA then thats unlikely but still worth a check.

  K*B 20:14 09 Feb 2011

Yes Bris, I opened up the CPU and reseated the hdd power and data connectors, then powered up. Bootup was successful! I'll also have to blow away the dust gathered-so much of it. Thanks to all of you for very useful suggestions. However, there's one more thing. For a long time now, one of the fans (the one on the motherboard) remains noisy for a good 10 minutes or so whenever the pc is started for work in the morning. The noise then dies away. Is this a problem? If it is, what do I do to get rid of it? Thanks.

  robin_x 20:20 09 Feb 2011

Check it's not loose or rubbing.
Check all dust/crap vaccummed out.

Then read a few of these about how to lubricate.
click here

  robin_x 20:20 09 Feb 2011

Oh and it could be the bearing after all that.

  T0SH 20:41 09 Feb 2011

This link may help you

click here

Cheers HC

  K*B 09:03 10 Feb 2011

Thanks to you all.

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