Boot Failure

  Whitster 07:47 13 Apr 2010

Hi, i am trying to repair a Friends Toshiba L300 laptop that is not booting up. When you switch on it asks if you want to start up in recovery or normal mode, but whichever i choose i get a warning window system recovery options saying "The installed program cannot start, Click ok to turn off the computer" then is shuts down. I have also noticed that the dvd drive does not open. Any ideas

  sunnystaines 08:30 13 Apr 2010

does it have a floppy drive for a boot up floppy?

  Whitster 08:34 13 Apr 2010

No Floopy drive.

  sunnystaines 12:20 13 Apr 2010

can you get into the bios? could it boot from an external drive [hdd,dvd,fdd] or usb stick? with boot up recovery files

  Terry Brown 17:45 13 Apr 2010

If you have a XP CD, do the following.

Create a CD or Empty thumb drive with the following files:


Set the machine to boot from your selected media.

This should allow you to access the WIN XP Cd.

Navigate to file WINNT32.exe. this will start the XP load process, and from there you can select repair or re-install.

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