boot failure

  philbolton 14:06 13 Jun 2009

My system is self built, about six months old, and upto now has worked OK.

It comprises:-
Asus P5Q deluxe motherboard
Intel Core 2 E8500 Skt 775
Saphire Radeon HD 4850
Soundblaster XiFi soundcard
BeQuiet 650W power supply
Vista 64 Home Premium

The problem - will not boot.
Press the start button and all the fans start, hard disk spins up, but nothing else happens
The only way I can boot it is to quickly switch the power off and on again, then it boots.

I have:-
Done a repair install of Vista, no change.
Updated the Bios, no change (but more below)
Unplugged and re-installed all boards checking connections and leaving non-essential items not connected, no change
removed the cmos battery to reset, no change

Since the BIOS update I now get a message "F1 to recover BIOS settings or F2 to load defaults"
If I press F1 to change the BIOS, I cannot save the changes, because when I "save and exit" it powers down.
If I "F2" to load defaults, it boots and loads Windows OK

Finally, today, in desperation, I installed Windows Service Pack 2, no change

Any help, suggestions, will be gratefully received.

Phil Bolton

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:26 13 Jun 2009

1. change the CMOS battery

2. Sounds as if the PSU is failing

  philbolton 16:18 13 Jun 2009

Fruit Bat - thankyou.

Just been out and bought a battery and put it in - no change.

Any utility that checks power supplies?
I know the best way is substitution, but I don't have a compatible unit.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:25 13 Jun 2009

click here

PSUs really need to be loaded for a proper test.

substitution is really the best way if you have another machine you can borrow one from.

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