Boot Failure

  xyfas 18:23 06 Apr 2006

I have an home made PC using ASROCK K7S8XE+ with a AMD XP3000 processor and ASUS N6600 video card.

The PC fails to boot the first time I try every time. Fans spin, the light on the DVD flashes but the monitor stays in standby, the bios seems to fail to load. I have tried the processor video card and RAM in my second PC all boot first time and work OK.

If I switch it off via the power button and leave it for a few seconds before pressing the button again it boots fine. If I press re-set it fails again. Re-booting the PC is also fine, it is just booting it does this. I've updated the BIOS to the latest version with no effect.

Any ideas?


  961 18:35 06 Apr 2006

Try changing BIOS to "load fail safe defaults"

Power supply adequate?

  Totally-braindead 18:44 06 Apr 2006

Do you have the PC speaker connected? Are there any beeps, beep codes will tell you what is wrong click here . Failing that I too would consider checking the power supply. Any chance of using the one from the other PC and seeing what happens?

  xyfas 18:52 06 Apr 2006

Tried changing the PSU to no effect, I am using a fairly new 450w supply. This should be more than adequate but I even unplugged the optical drives to check. There is no PC speaker unfortunately. I'll try resetting the bios to default tonight before shutting down.


  xyfas 11:57 08 Apr 2006

Still no luck with deafult bios settings, any more ideas anyone?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 08 Apr 2006

Disable "quick boot" in the BIOS

  xyfas 07:46 09 Apr 2006

Still no effect. I'm sur it must be the MB at fault rather than graphics card or mem as these have been tested on another PC.
It's almost as though the thing needs to warm up before it'll start. Perhaps the glowplugs need changing!


  hilz 09:49 09 Apr 2006

You don't say how old your computer or componants are but I have just had the very same problem with my computer and it turned out to be a combi of PSU and leaking capacitors on the motherboard

  xyfas 18:12 20 Apr 2006

Switched it on yesterday and got distracted by tel call before I could go through my usual routine with the pwr button. The fans whirred etc but no boot as normal, then after about three mins the PC posted and started. I have replicated this half a dozen times.
I'm sure this is not normal behavior, but it seems if I just leave the PC alone to catch it's breath/warm up/finish it's latte it will boot on it's own.
I dare say it's a sign the mobo is on it's way out but I'll live with it.


  phono 18:23 20 Apr 2006

Symptoms are similar to mobo failure where electrolytic capacitors are faulty, this is a known problem where a batch of sub-standard capacitors were supplied to various mobo manufacturers.

Inspect the mobo for signs of the ends of the electrolytic capacitors bulging or split, also signs of electrolyte leaking at the top or next to the mobo.

  xyfas 18:27 20 Apr 2006

I checked for signs of physical damage and can see none. As i said I'll put up with it & replace when necessary. My son's PC is decent and as it used to be mine it's set up with my email profile I won't be cut off from the outside world till I can replace/upgrade.


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