Boot Failure

  Mr. T 01:15 02 Aug 2003

A friend has a Tiny pc running Win ME. Processor AMD I think. System was fine until a few days ago. She turned it on, but all she gets is the message Boot Failure and a couple of other lines.
Tiny supplied her with a boot disk and restoration Cd, but the only option that will work is restore. She scared of losing all of her work because she has not backed up anything (stupid I know) is there any way of restarting the computer without losing all the files on the hard drive?

  Steven135 01:19 02 Aug 2003

Has she tried starting in safe mode? (usually access safe mode by pressing F8)

  gourdis 01:23 02 Aug 2003


If you can get into dos then after c:\ type fixboot this work with me but it was with xp

hope this helps

  BBez 01:43 02 Aug 2003

try at the DOS prompt typing FDISK /mbr which will rewrite the boot record

  Mr. T 10:06 02 Aug 2003

Thank you for the input. Unfortunatly she can't get into anything. I have tried to go past the first screen but I cant. It wont even go in bios or regognise the CD drive. I have tried the dos part, but the floppy does not even regognise the hard drive. The only way that I see forward is a complete reformat and reinstall somehow. She is going to get in touch with Tiny and ask them. We will see how clever they are. I'll keep you posted.

  Gaz 25 10:13 02 Aug 2003

A boot virus did this to me, you might be able to reinstall windows on a sepearate HDD if you buy one and back-up files that way, or other than that reformat with a Quick Wipe and then use reovery software to try and get files back, such as Recovery Doctor and things.

  pcwhizz 11:03 02 Aug 2003

I have remastered more machines than anyone I know. If you can give me an exact description of the boot up I could give you a 99% chance of a startup.

  zanwalk 11:11 02 Aug 2003

If you are able to remove the HD and install it as slave in another machine, you may be able to recover the files that way before formatting and reinstalling.

  DieSse 11:43 02 Aug 2003

You clearly don't know me


  DieSse 11:50 02 Aug 2003

First try - starting from a start-up diskette, and at the A:> prompt type

fdisk /mbr

This will rewrite the master boot record on the hard disk, which if corrupted can stop the system from recognising the boot drive. It won't damage any data or programs on the hard drive.

If this doesn't work, then if you could get hold of a regular ME CD, you can try re-installing ME.

If not, then rayburns advice is very sensible - before you do any more, put your drive into another system as a slave, and try to recover your data. Then you can resetup your own drive from scratch.

If the message is a hardware fault - then you may not be able to any of the above - then bad luck - did someone mutter something about backups?

  Rayuk 16:52 02 Aug 2003

Have just today been able to do a system restore from dos with instructions given by Spikeychris which worked.[That is if thats your problem]

As far as Im aware you will loose any programs you have installed since that festore date but anything in My Documents should still be there.

Here are the instructions

click here

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