boot up fail on xp

  photo man 14:10 05 Mar 2003

Somtimes when I boot up (in xp} the xp logo comes up okay and everthing seems fine but then the screen just goes blank, no welcome screen or anything and I have to switch off and start again.Moreoften than not it boots up okay the second time.Also I notice I am getting more (this page cannot be displayed errors}yet when I press the back arrow it comes up okay.Don't know if these are connected to the same problem or even just to xp but would be grateful for help on iether or both of them.


  SmiffyRebel 21:48 05 Mar 2003

When you boot up press F8 as soon as the PC reboots and then you try safe boot you can also try system restore once the PC is up and running and restore your settings to an earlier time that you know was OK

  howard60 22:12 05 Mar 2003

going to start - run - msconfig then on the top right tab [startup] take out the ticks from everything except your virus checker and firewall [if installed] reboot and when the message screen comes up put a tick in the box not to tell you again. this may well sort you out. you can always put ticks back if needed.

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