boot and explorer problems :( plz read

  corvus72 11:48 19 May 2009


my system:
Intel Core2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.00GHz
DDR2, PC2-5300 (333 MHz), 2048 MBytes
IP35 (Intel P35+ICH7)main board
XP Home Edition Service Pack 3
Geforce 8800 GTS 512
230 gig sata hdd

The first issue appeared several months ago. My mouse is usb, but I used the supplied ps2 adaptor. This stopped working in the middle of an Internet session. I took off the adaptor and plugged it direct to usb, the mouse worked fine. So I reinstalled the main-board drivers and mouse worked again on ps2, for a few days then stopped :( so I now use usb only. Everything seemed fine until I started getting random boot failures. Intermittent and after pressing the reboot button the system will boot with no probs, and run all day. Recent developments include explorer errors, that stop me getting into control panel and sound issues. stuttering and pauses in mp3 playback. Again all of theses issues are intermittent. In an attempt to rule out software, I reformatted my hdd and reinstalled xp sp3 and am up to date on avg, spybot and adaware.
My cpu runs at a steady 31 26 - idle to 41 46 under load. The case is free from dust and i have also checked for burst capacitors. My next step will be to purchase new ram to rule our memory.

Any other ideas from you guys will be most welcome.


  keef66 12:56 19 May 2009

Any yellow marks against anything in Device Manager?

Are the mainboard drivers those that came on disc with the mobo, or the latest downloaded from the manufacturer's website? (I'd recommend the latter)

Google for Memtest86. Should be something free you can download and create a disk you boot from and run a series of tests on the ram. (no sense in buying more if what you have is OK)

PSU could be on the way out; can you borrow another known good psu to try?

  corvus72 13:08 19 May 2009

hi and ty for the reply :)

No probs being reported in device manager.
The main board drivers are the latest from Abit.
I ran memtest86 for a couple of hours and all passed.
I had read on another forum that a guy with similar issues had run memtests and all were fine. He changed his ram anyway an now for him all was sorted.

I have an antec truepower tri 550w, but I guess all power supplies die eventually.

  woodchip 13:17 19 May 2009

There is the possibility of a faulty Motherboard, or BIOS thats got bugs in it, check on makers site for latest bios, it should say what as been fixed

  corvus72 17:44 20 May 2009

My new ram arrived today.
I installed it and windows hung during boot :(
A press of the reboot button got a successfull boot.
So I guess the memory was not to blame.

Any new ideas?

cheers guys

  corvus72 17:52 20 May 2009

I forgot to mention, this morning I booted up with no probs, and went to Ebay and printed out all of my ebay sales sheets. All was fine until I got my mail in from outlook express. I was deleting spam when the system froze then went to a bsod :( I didn't get a chance to copy down the details before it rebooted the pc. The boot failed at dmi pool data. After i turned the pc off and on again all was fine, with no boot error.

Its looking like the main-board to me as its not at any specific point that it crashes.

can anyone think which is the best way for me to proceed?

cheers again

  corvus72 13:31 21 May 2009


  User-1229748 13:41 21 May 2009

if you click start and right click my computer then properties then advanced then in startup and recovery click settings,in system failure uncheck automatically restart then if you get a failure it will give you time to note the details.

  Graphicool1 13:57 21 May 2009

First try reinstalling the mouse drivers. If that doesn't work, look at installing the latest drivers for your graphics card.

  corvus72 14:05 21 May 2009

ty smackheadz :)

have done as you advised :)

ty graphicool1 :) i have downloade the newest graphics drivers but the mouse has no drivers. Its just a standard 3 button microsft optical device.

  woodchip 15:00 21 May 2009

you do not need mouse drivers. You could check the Event viewer if its switched on for errors right click on a error

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