Boot error startup problem.

  Nirvanaman 18:23 30 Jun 2003

Hi All,
My Father-in-law has a boot error upon startup.
He is running WinXP home,on a 2GH CPU,512mb Ram and a 17GB HD.
The problem started when he had decided to uninstall Kazaa Lite.After taking off Kazaa,his system crashed.When starting up again the process went past the loading bar and through the Win XP welcome screen.He was waiting for the logon screen to appear when he was faced with the following error......
The procedure entry point Assoc is dangerous could not be located in dynamic link library.

When he presses ok,the following screen appears....

The logon user interface DLL msgina.dll failed to load.

After this message has appeared the only option is a RESTART button & once this is pressed the whole procedure follows through the errors to the RESTART button again.

Is there any option available other than formatting the Hard Disc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Rob Smith.

  Rayuk 18:37 30 Jun 2003

Any help to you?
click here

  peterleemaxwell 16:12 01 Jul 2003

Tried the above but although typed in correctly did not get DOS to work. Kept saying invalid file command or words to that effect. I have the missing DLL on floppy. Could someone kindly help me, with easy to follow instructions, to put the missing file back into Windows via DOS. Thanks for any input.

  Rayuk 17:16 01 Jul 2003

Have you tried starting in safe mode,then load file from there

  Nirvanaman 19:55 01 Jul 2003

The PC will not boot up in safe mode.The only option is to go through DOS but we are having great difficulty in doing this as no commands seem to work!

  sil_ver 20:34 01 Jul 2003

Can you boot to your WinXP CD and use the repair option? You will need to make your CD Drive first boot in BIOS.

  Rayuk 20:35 01 Jul 2003

Can you use the cd and instal XP over itself

If you need to save data off hard drive only assistance I can give is for you to instal it as slave drive on another pc and recover data then put back in your pc and reformat

  sil_ver 20:37 01 Jul 2003

As an afterthought, XP is not DOS based so, unless someone knows a way of using it with DOS I can only suggest the CD route.

  Nirvanaman 07:21 02 Jul 2003

We tried putting the hard drive in my PC but it wouldn't take it.Also tried using the repair option on WIN XP disc but this also drew a blank.

  Rayuk 18:21 02 Jul 2003

How do you mean "wouldnt take it"
Is it NTFS and your pc fat32?

  peterleemaxwell 18:36 02 Jul 2003

Hi all,
Thanks for all your input. At the present time I'm using a cd-rom based Linux prog. I can get on the net and via NTL's web site my e-mails. Having this gives me a view of my files on my H.D. They are still there but as a new user to this Linux system am unable to add the missing files using the O.S. Can any body suggest anything. Would putting in another H.D to take control and replace the missing files on the original H.D.? I'll try anything. As a last and only last option, I'll re-format but as I was half way through doing a video on the PC all the bulky files are still on there. Any suggestions, anything? Thanks.

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