Boot from either hard drive

  skodasteve 16:27 23 Mar 2004

Please can sombody advise me on how I can set up my 2 hard drives jumpers and bios settings so I can choose which one to boot from. They both have o\s on them ( xp pro ) and I would like the choice of what one to run on startup as they both have programs on them I no longer have disks for. Thanks in advance

  JerryJay 17:14 23 Mar 2004

Do not need to mess with jumper. One way to do it is get into Bios when you start PC and select which device to boot first. But this is really not a good way to do it.

The best way is to use Bootmagic which come with Partition Magic. Just install and set up. Everytime PC start it give you a menu to select. Similar product: system commander.

There is other free way, but need tech knowledge. To use some OS loader or use the one with XP by editing boot.ini etc. I bet someone will give you instruction for this soon.

  skodasteve 15:55 24 Mar 2004

Thanx but do I still need to set the jumpers to master and slave ?

  temp003 16:21 24 Mar 2004

If you're putting them on the same IDE channel, then yes, one should be master and the other slave. The jumper settings are usually shown at the back of the hard disks.

Bootmagic has to be installed in a FAT partition.

You can try OSL2000 click here which can be installed on FAT or NTFS partition. Download, unzip, read the README file first, and install.

  skodasteve 21:17 25 Mar 2004

Thanks people :)

  Rtus 22:48 25 Mar 2004

as another thought > I use Drive caddies Both fitted, merely switching the required drives power switch on before booting (& switching other off) I run Xp & Win98 & others etc depending on which drive tray I fit.. Caddies available from

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