Boot Disk Failure insert system disk ?

  eysha 13:44 08 Oct 2008

Getting this message no matter what i do.
what is the solution?
I have tried all kinds of things and had wonderful help too but still stuck. have checked bios, cd, dvd, plugs, wires, harddrive etc but no luck so far.
all help/advice welcome

  Pineman100 16:21 08 Oct 2008

You list all the things that you've checked - are you 100% certain that you haven't got a non-bootable CD or DVD left in the drive? Or - if you have a floppy drive - in there?

  eysha 16:25 08 Oct 2008

yes i checked that too, nothing left in any drive.

  T0SH 18:01 08 Oct 2008

That error normally means your hard drive has died or the boot sector has been erased, by default the system will try to boot to the next available bootable device usually the CD/DVD and is then prompting for a bootable CD/DVD to be inserted

Cheers HC

  Pineman100 18:10 08 Oct 2008

Yes, I agree with TOSH. If you've checked all your other drives and cable connections, then it sounds as though your hard drive is unable to boot.

If all else fails you may have to reformat and reinstall Windows.

But this will, of course, destroy all your data. So if possible I should install the drive as a slave in another computer and try to copy all your data on to a memory stick or disk(s).

Always assuming the drive still works, of course. :o(

  eysha 20:14 08 Oct 2008

I am thinking now that it is probably the Hard drive as i have tried everything else. I think now that maybe the boot sector has been erased.
No problem about backing up as the HD was empty i have to try to get it up and running - but how is the question? i have had some ideas from this forum which i will try tomorrow so any more ideas are welcome.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:32 08 Oct 2008

HD was empty anyway

BIOS must see HDD

Set first boot device as CD drive and boot using a Windows CDofr Linux bootable CD and format the drive

  eysha 22:24 08 Oct 2008

first boot device is set to CD.
don't have a bootable CD though and don't know Linux.
was thinking of formating the hard drive from a usb connection with hard drive in an external carry case connected to a laptop - should work, shouldn't it?
just an idea.

  Ashrich 22:54 08 Oct 2008

Yes , with the hard drive in a caddy you can view it from Windows Explorer and right click on it and select " Format " , but you will still need a bootable CD or DVD to install anything on it , and in the case of Windows , a full license , not an OEM .


  phono 23:08 08 Oct 2008

If the "HD is empty" there is no way the PC will boot, you must have some sort of Operating System (OS) installed, should it be DOS or a version of Windows, Linux, Unix and so on.

Was this PC working okay previously or is it new or a self build?

  Pineman100 15:12 09 Oct 2008

Is this a duplicate of your other post about a hard drive? If so, I suggest you close this thread and concentrate on the other one, which is probably a clearer explanation of what you need to do.

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