boot disk failure

  GSK019 15:26 26 Jan 2003

I've got a 60GB IBM deskstar.Turned the computer on the other day,and got - boot disk failure,please insert system disk.
Never had a problem with it before. My anti virus is up to date (Norton).Its says i havn't got any viruses.
If i leave the computer turned off at the plug for a day,it normaly works fine when i turn it back on,but if i turn it off for a while,and then try to turn it back on it won't have any of it.

  Rayuk 15:46 26 Jan 2003

I would download IBMs diagnostic program and run it,It could be a hard drive problem.

  GSK019 15:50 26 Jan 2003

Thanks Rayuk,a friend of mine's,been through 2 IBM 30GB,with the same problem,he say's its a common problem with them.Sent them away,and took 6 weeks to get it back.

  barrie_g 15:51 26 Jan 2003

I had the same problem a few weeks ago with a Mesh computer and now its got a new hard drive so I agree with Rayuk sounds like the hard drive has had it.

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