boot disk with CD drivers for sony notebook

  ckm 09:03 18 Mar 2003

I have a Sony notebook PCG-505FX that at present does not have an operating system on it. The problem is a normal windows 98 boot disk does not have the CD-ROM drivers on it to use the matching CD-ROM drive PCGA-CD5 so that I can load windows 98. Is there a way to load windows ?

  Megatyte 09:10 18 Mar 2003

Check that the drive is enabled in bios. I would have thought that the generic drivers on a 98 start-up disk would be sufficient.


  ckm 09:16 18 Mar 2003

I have clicked the option 'start with CD-ROM support' the CD plugs into the PCMCIA socket, but comes up drivers not found

  ©®@$ђ 09:26 18 Mar 2003

you can download the driver from click here

  Megatyte 09:26 18 Mar 2003

Didn't realise it was PCMCIA. I had the same problem once with an old laptop without integral CD-ROM. Got round it by transferring the complete Windoze CD 100 Meg at a time with a Zip drive and then running setup from 98 start-up prompt.


  ©®@$ђ 10:05 18 Mar 2003

Dos driver to enable the PCGA-CD51A external PCMCIA cd-rom drive.
After downloading, insert a blank formatted 1.44 mb disk in floppy drive. Use Windows Explorer to locate this file you just downloaded. Double-click it and the files will be written to the floppy disk. This procedure will create an entire boot disk from the floppy. After it's finished, reboot pc with this disk left in the A: drive. It will boot the pc to dos mode and enable the PCGA-CD51A drive automatically during boot. Your cd-rom drive can be accessed now using the drive letter D:
No modifications are needed to disk files... just use it as is.

click here

  ckm 10:12 18 Mar 2003

Thanks, I will have to wait till I get home tonight to try the boot disk out

  ckm 09:50 19 Mar 2003

No, I tried this disk but it does not boot up at all I think the PCGA-CD51A may be different to the PCGA-CD5. with normal bootup disk I get CD driver missing 'MSCD001'.

  ©®@$ђ 10:26 19 Mar 2003

A computer can receive an error that MSCD001 or MTMIDE01 may not be able to load either because the MSCDEX.EXE driver is missing or corrupted or the CD-ROM driver is missing or corrupted and therefore cannot be loaded therefore the name cannot be associated.the latter is your problem!

that was going to be the easiest way around it that i could find. the onther way is more complicated

if you download the driver and unzip and copy it to the 98 startup floppy

for that to work u need to modify the autoexec.bat file in the start up disk to comment out the standard mscdex driver and point to the sony cd driver,the start up disk does whatever it says in the autoexec.bat file(on the 98 floppy)like naming of the CD drive,its
drivers etc

  ©®@$ђ 10:34 19 Mar 2003

do you not have a recovery cd for that laptop, because the drivers for the PCMCIA and cd drive will be on it, and with that you'll be able to boot the cd drive.

  ckm 10:40 19 Mar 2003

no unfortunatly I do not have the correct sony boot disk with the correct drivers. At present the only drive available is the A drive

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