Boot disc error

  sugarbabe 21:02 16 Nov 2006

trying to mend windows xp machine. Has black screen with error, error reading disc. press ctrl alt del to restart.

ran chkdsk and said 2 or more unsolvable problems.

when i put in windows disc and try to repair it says either partition is too damaged or full needs to re - write partition and all work will be lost.

Any ideas of how to get work from pc before i restore.

  Technotiger 21:15 16 Nov 2006

Hi, if you have access to another PC, you could use this to connect Faulty drive, and then transfer/save data.

click here

  brundle 21:16 16 Nov 2006

take the drive out and slave it to another pc, take the data off it that way

check it with a manufacturers diagnostic

click here

  sugarbabe 21:20 16 Nov 2006


Thanks for link looks great, says works for external hard disc but how do i get it to connect to normal hard disc.

  Technotiger 21:50 16 Nov 2006

There will be full instructions with it if you buy it....or.... to save money, brundle's idea of slaving it to another pc, would work in approximately the same way. But of course, either option requires the availability of another PC.


  sugarbabe 14:53 17 Nov 2006

just brought a usb hard drive caddy, plugged the hard drive in and getting message. e:/ is not accessible. The disk structure is corrupted & unreadable.

Does this mean there is no way to retrieve data???

  sugarbabe 15:14 17 Nov 2006

Just tried to use 'smart disc recovery' but when i select 'E' get message drive not found

  Technotiger 17:42 17 Nov 2006

Some things here for you to try ..

click here

  sugarbabe 19:57 17 Nov 2006

It is listed as a usb mass storage device and is working properly. do i need to change something in the bios though not sure about the bit. "If the host controller is not seen in device manager then it is probably disabled in the bios"

  Scouter 20:16 17 Nov 2006

Have you tried running chkdsk /f from command prompt.


In run type cmd

at the prompt type e: <enter> (hopefully this will take you to the drive)

At e: prompt type chkdsk /r this may be able to repair the partition and gain accces to data.

If step two doe snot work try command

chkdsk e:/r

You can see the options for check disk if you type chkdsk /? in the cmd window.

Disclaimer (there is always one disclaimer) this may not solve the problem - I used this process when I had a similar drive give that message, it allowed me to repair the partition and I managed to get my data - I then promptly dumped teh drive as it was failing).

  Scouter 20:17 17 Nov 2006

Oops teach me to understand what I read - you have done that at stage 1 - sorry. It does sound as if yur drive is on way out.

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