Boot from CD drive set as "slave" ?

  Number six 23:24 30 Nov 2008

Over the christmas hols I intend to upgrade my motherboard/cpu/graphics card/ram, retaining my present hard disks, one IDE,one Sata. Both these disks have XP pro installed, I select which to boot from with option in BIOS. The problem is, the new motherboard has only one IDE cotroller, so I will have to set up the CD/DVD drive as slave with old hard disk as master on the one controller. I am wondering if I will be able to boot from the CD drive (set as slave) should I need to reinstall windows after the upgrade? My current system has two IDE controllers, one with hard disk, second with CD/DVD drive, so this problem does not arise.

  Forum Editor 23:32 30 Nov 2008

the point of having dual booting into the same operating system on two separate drives, but you can certainly set the CD drive as a boot device in the BIOS.

  Number six 23:53 30 Nov 2008

OK - thanks for reassurance FE. Wasn't sure as I have seen some references which seem to suggest that optical drives must be set as master on IDE controllers in order to boot from them. In answer to your query about dual booting - in the (hopefully) unlikely event of a disastrous system failure, I can be back up and running again simply by booting from other HD.

  woodchip 00:04 01 Dec 2008

You could buy a PCI sata card to install the Sata drive here

  woodchip 00:05 01 Dec 2008

First check you have a free PCI slot in the Computer, a white one

  Number six 00:38 01 Dec 2008

Thanks for that woodchip - sorry for not making myself clear. The new mobo already has sata controllers - it was the problem with only having one IDE controller which concerned me.

  woodchip 19:10 01 Dec 2008

You can also get PCI IDE controller card check this out for if you want one click here

  lofty29 19:16 01 Dec 2008

When setting up your new M/B you may be asked to burn a cd in order to load the drivers for the SATA controllers.

  Number six 21:55 01 Dec 2008

OK. Will close now. Thanks for tips woodchip, lofty29.

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