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  jollyjoyce1 14:16 10 Jun 2009

My computer has suddenly stopped booting up fully. I get to the logon screen ok and then to the desktop but then I get a messsage box saying "the application or DLL C:/WINDOWS/System32\UxThemedll is not a valid windows image"
The bootup stops there and will go no further.
Tried safe mode but again it goes no further. I am left with my desktop picture and no loaded programmes.
Please can someone tell me what to do?

  mgmcc 15:03 10 Jun 2009

From the same menu that you selected "Safe Mode", can you boot with the "Last Known Good Configuration"?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 10 Jun 2009

Can you right click the desktop and select properties?

If so click the down arrow on the theme box and try changing to another theme then click OK.

Seems you may have a problem with UXtheme changer click here

  jollyjoyce1 17:26 10 Jun 2009

I tried "Last known Good Configuration" but it still only booted up to the same place.

No, I can't right click desktop.

If the answer is the UXtheme changer as you pointed to(link) do I download it? I have no means of accessing it.

  birdface 17:39 10 Jun 2009

To get into Safe Mode properly.Reboot the computer and keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.
There are other keys that you can use.
Windows logo on the keyboard gets you into all programs.Maybe use your up down button to get you into system restore.Not sure what you type in run box to get you to System Restore.

  jollyjoyce1 17:45 10 Jun 2009

I did get into Safe Mode properly but it would still not boot past the desktop icons or means of accessing the programmes at all.
I was going to try System Restore but can access nothing.

  birdface 17:49 10 Jun 2009

Does pressing the windows logo on the keyboard not do anything either.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:19 10 Jun 2009

Go back to safe mode and instead of logging in on your own profile select the Administrator profile.

  birdface 18:22 10 Jun 2009

Hi.If none of your keyboard icons work it looks as though you might have to do a system repair.But you would need to use the original windows disc for that.I have never tried it before but there will be others that can tell you what to do if it comes to that.
If you get the Windows icon on the keyboard to work.using your up down right left keys go to help& support.And you can get to system restore that on to undo changes to your computer using system restore.

  jollyjoyce1 19:53 10 Jun 2009

Hi. It looks like a system repair is the only road to go down.
Windows logo is doing nothing .

Nothing anyone has suggested has worked as I still can't get it to load any further so thanks to you all.

  DieSse 19:56 10 Jun 2009

Try Ctrl-Alt-Del - do you get Task Manager.

If you do - choose File - New Task (Run) - and type in Explorer - does your desktop come up?

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