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  dawntreader 15:29 26 Dec 2005

my mates comp runing win982nd edt has been totaly corupted,
i formated c from dos wiht a boot up disk in that came with cd
on startup all iam getting is the a promt,tried everything,floopy,cd,d promt
what am i doing wrong?

  woodchip 15:31 26 Dec 2005

Did you Format like

Format C:

or did you use Fdisk?????

  dawntreader 15:36 26 Dec 2005

i format c

  woodchip 15:42 26 Dec 2005

So it appears you have not loaded windows. When you start with boot flopy choose start with CD support. It creates a Ram drive that uses the old CD drive letter so if the CD drive was D:\ it will be E:\ You just move the Drive letter up one place so if it was D:\ Type E: press enter theis should change tp E:\> type setup with 98se CD in comp

  dawntreader 15:54 26 Dec 2005

hi its not reconising the boot flopy,just has the a promt or i can get the c:/ promt but nothing else,
i even have knoppix 4.0 which is supposed to boot up any comp but wont reconise it as well

  mattyc_92 15:57 26 Dec 2005

Is the Boot Order in the BIOS set to boot from Floppy?

To check, keep pressing the button to edit the BIOS (tells you on POST screen, but mostly Delete) and enter the "Advanced" option.

You want the Boot Order to go something like this:

Floppy Disc

  pj123 16:01 26 Dec 2005

Do you have a floppy boot disk? If not get one from click here

Reset your BIOS to start from floppy first. Now put the floppy in and start the computer. When you get to the A:\ prompt type in format c: and press enter.

When the format is complete restart the computer with the boot floppy in and choose the with CD support option. Put your Win 98SE CD in the CD drive. When you get to the a:\ prompt this time type in cd d: (or whatever letter your CD is) and press enter.

When you get to the D:\ prompt type in setup and press enter. Now follow the prompts.

Remember you will also need to have the Motherboard, Sound, Graphics and Modem driver disks available. Also any program disks you may want to re-install as well.

  mattyc_92 16:01 26 Dec 2005

Just incase, here is a DIRECT link to a Win98 Startup Disk (teh floppy disk) click here
archived_software/click here

Please note that this link is to a file called "boot98.exe". I have downloaded this many times (infact I have it on my hard-disc right now), and I know that it is safe.
If you are worried about downloading this file, I could send it to you in a *.zip format via e-mail. If you want me to do this, just click onto the yellow envolope next to my screen-name and I will send it to you.

  mattyc_92 16:02 26 Dec 2005

Ok, try the link again..... click here

  woodchip 16:04 26 Dec 2005

just try starting with 98 cd in comp

  Diemmess 16:16 26 Dec 2005

If you can get A:> from the startup floppy then you are on your way.

Same goes if you can reach the C:> prompt on booting up, because if you formatted, you have reached the HD which at present has nothing stored on it.

I recommend you boot with the startup floppy and then (put the Win 98SE CD in the slot) and at A:> type Dir D:
If you see a list of folders including WIN98 you are looking at the CD in the D: drive.
Now, in stages -
At A:> type c: and enter

At C:> type md Win98 and enter

Now type cd win98 and enter. This should change the cursor to c:\win98>

Now type copy D:\win98 and enter
This should copy all the necessary files to the new Win98 folder on your HD

Take out the floppy and the CD.
Type setup and enter.
This should be a normal installation with all references for more info, going straight to the HD instead of having to put the installation CD back again from time to time.

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