Boosting Wireless Signal/Network 17:46 01 Feb 2009


I live in a pretty big house with really think granite walls - so my wifi network doesn't go to all the rooms.

I have my router (Netgear DG834N) in my living room at one end of the house and its plugged into my desktop.

However, I want to get a wireless signal in my bedroom at the other end of my house. Currently the wireless signal only goes about 3/4 of the way down the house - not far enough to get to my room.

Is there a way I can install some sort of booster about 1/2 way down the house that will take in the wireless signal and then repeat it and boost it so it reaches my room?

Any other way to get it to my room? I can't more the router or use wires.


  ambra4 18:26 01 Feb 2009

Wireless-G Range Extender

Take a look at extending the wireless range by adding a Hawking Wireless-G Range Extender


No hard wire required just connect to the router to set up and than moved to an location close to

a electrical outlet

The Hawking Wireless Extender pick up the signal from the router and boost it

Download the diagrams How It Works & Range Diagram from the site

click here

Hawking HWREG1 Connection Problem take a read

click here

Or you can use a NETGEAR Wall-Plugged Wireless Range Extender Kit

The NETGEAR Wall-Plugged Wireless Range Extender Kit uses the electrical cabling in

the house as a hard wire system and sent the signal to the wireless module that is located in

the room that required wireless access

The wireless box can de moved to any electrical outlet in the house and still allows you to

have wireless access

click here

If you need a hard wire system you have to use a difference module kit


click here

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