Boosting a WiFi signal

  quaggydog 08:33 26 Aug 2005

Are there any simple, configuration changes or checks (or any other tricks) that I can do to improve the "power" of the WiFi signal that a Netgear DG834T is producing?

  HondaMan 09:10 26 Aug 2005

You might want to check this out

click here

  quaggydog 09:17 26 Aug 2005


  quaggydog 09:19 26 Aug 2005

... but I am not experiencing any problems as such... just thick walls!

  Jdoki 09:32 26 Aug 2005

If you have the correct connector on the back of the modem and PCI card you can buy a couple of high gain antenna (the connections are pretty standard).

I use two 5dBi antennas, one on the PCI card, and one on the modem/router. Boosted signal by quite a bit (I believe most wireless stuff comes with 3dBi antennas). However 7dBi upwards are available.

Still no guarantee that it'll work if you have really thick walls or metal structures in the way of the signal.

Another, much more expensive solution, is to use a wireless access point to extend the coverage and essentially make a 'path' for the signal between the modem and the PC(s).

  quaggydog 15:43 26 Aug 2005

Thanks Jdoki. Sorry to be thick but... just to confirm my unmderstanding is correct.

1. I can attach a hi-gain antenna to the Netgear adsl modem/router (as long as the equipment has the correct connector). Correct?

2. The device which is on the other side of thick walls currently uses a USB wifi lozenge. I presume I have to boost the signal at both ends to get the benefit? So is it possible to buy a "signal boosted" USB lozenge?

3. Looking at the tech spec for the Netgear router, it seems like the signal is only 2 dBi - could I expect a big improvement with 5 dBi? With 7 dBi?

  quaggydog 09:33 14 Feb 2006

... have any firther thoughts on this?

  Jdoki 15:51 15 Feb 2006


Sorry for not replying... must have missed this post...!!

1. Yes you are correct. Where the antenna attaches should be a threaded connector about 5mm across.

2. Not aware that you can get a signal boosted USB device. No idea if you'd see any improvement by attaching a better antenna to only the router end.

3. Most device are 2 or 3dBi. So yeah - the higher you go the stronger the signal. I have found 5dBi good for my purposes (from hallway to upper bedroom), and 7dBi antennas were a bit too pricey at the time. The improvement I saw was an increase from about 50 - 60% signal strength to about 80 - 85%

  rmcqua 20:48 15 Feb 2006

I thought that a "wireless access point" (aka "wireless gateway") was just another name for a combined ADSL modem and wireless router in one box. Am I wrong?

  rmcqua 21:08 15 Feb 2006

Re. your question 2. above, there are some "USB lozenges" that claim to have greater receive sensitivity and extra range compared to the norm. This one looks good:
click here

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:34 15 Feb 2006

You may just need to replace your PCI antenna with a directional panel type antenna on an extension cable, should be a standard reverse SMA screw on antenna on the card. I had problems with very low signal but after installing a D-Link DWA-M60AT I now have an excellent signal all the time. You can move the antenna around a bit on the cable or even get a longer cable to add on. Mine is currently on a 2 meter extension sitting on the G-plan dresser. Widely available link for info only. Brilliant patch antenna.
click here

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