Boosting a router's signal

  vitinet 15:26 24 Jan 2010

Hii Everyone i was wondering if its possible to boost a router's signal so that the other rooms in the house can receive internet as well? or can i buy another router using the same password and username, to connect in the other room?
Any help will be greatly appreciated..:)

  User-1229748 15:31 24 Jan 2010

what router have you got and what wireless adapter(s) are you using?

  bremner 15:33 24 Jan 2010

What you need is a wireless repeater click here

  Graphicool1 15:37 24 Jan 2010

The only reasons for others not being able to use a router to receive the Interet in other rooms are...

If the walls are not stud, ie really thick concrete or brick old walls. Or if there are things in the way, such as fridge freezers. Outside of this there shouldn't be a problem.

I use a desktop PC via a wireless router. My wife also accesses the Internet via her laptop using the same router three rooms away.

  vitinet 15:39 24 Jan 2010

I am using a sky broadband sagem router. But do i need a sagem repeater? Can't i just buy another router? Thanks

  User-1229748 15:47 24 Jan 2010

i've never used one of these extenders but look into the compatibility with operating systems to avoid any such problems such as in this recent thread click here

  vitinet 16:04 24 Jan 2010

Thanks for that thread smackheadz vikki and i seem to be having the same problem, i think and has helped me to realise a lot. I still need to buy a laptop of my own to connect to my dad's existing router connection to get internet so im going to go and have to now decide which laptop is best any suggestions?

  User-1229748 16:13 24 Jan 2010

best to look for user reviews as much as anything else,then look into windows 7 compatibility with any software or hardware that you will need,or whatever operating system the new lappy has.

  User-1229748 16:30 24 Jan 2010

windows 7 compatiblity click here

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