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  MAJ 12:37 07 Feb 2003

Maybe it's just me being slow on the uptake again, but has anyone noticed that the old search engine is back again? When did that happen?

  doug 14:19 07 Feb 2003

Let joy be unbounded. aven't tried it out yet. Perhaps we will get a note from FE?

  doug 14:27 07 Feb 2003

Just done a quick search and the database seems to go back 2 years. This is excellent news. Should save some of te repeat questions.

  VoG™ 16:04 07 Feb 2003

Blimey! So it is.

  Peter E 22:14 07 Feb 2003

Just noticed it's back. I was going to do a post about it in case it was my imagination - but did a search on "boolean search" instead to see if anyone else had done a post. And up popped this one!

  doug 22:30 07 Feb 2003

Great isn't it. Tried the Contact Moderator button earlier asking for clarification. No response, so far. Perhaps it's a mistake and we sould keep quite about it and "they" won't notice?

  Djohn 22:44 07 Feb 2003

There goes my job! :o(

I've been spending ages over the last couple of weeks, trying to find answers to questions for people. Now anyone can do it! :o)

  doug 22:50 07 Feb 2003

Don't despair. It's all very well knowing the theory but we rely on you experts to tell us the best place to kick.

  Djohn 23:03 07 Feb 2003

doug, Thank you for the compliment! But what I meant, was I spent ages rading all the pages back to 10, to see if I could find the answer, and pinch it! :o)

  doug 23:05 07 Feb 2003

Does it say Ow or is that what you do instead of kicking it?

  Djohn 23:22 07 Feb 2003

Ooops. "Reading" :o(

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