Bookmarks pictures gone after updating to firefox 8

  hiwatt 15:05 09 Nov 2011

Hi folks! After updating to firefox 8 a lot of my bookmarks have small empty white squares where the picture/logo for the website should be?It's not all of them but a lot of them?Has anyone else experienced this and if so any idea why?Thanks.

  hiwatt 17:49 09 Nov 2011

Thanks folks.Cocteau48 that add on actually replaced quite a lot of my favicons but there's still a lot blank?I've tried logging into them and even tried deleting some and re bookmarking them but they still remain blank?

  grumpy-git 15:55 27 Jan 2012

Just noticed my icons are missing on xp machine using 9.0.1 but on laptop with vista, also running 9.0.1 all the icons are there.

Downloaded addon mentioned above and most are back again

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