doug 22:08 13 Jan 2003
  doug 22:08 13 Jan 2003

I see bookmarks referred to from time to time. What are tey and how do I use them. I posted a similar question re. favourites some time ago. The responses proved to be very useful and time saving. Hope this isn't too basic a question!

  woodchip 22:16 13 Jan 2003

IE Favorites are what are called Bookmarks in Netscape or Mozilla Browser

  MAJ 22:16 13 Jan 2003

Bookmarks mean the same thing as favourites, or, they can mean a certain place in a document which a link brings you to, as in an index of a book. Click on the phrase in an index and you are taken to that part of the document.

  doug 22:18 13 Jan 2003


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