Storik 10:43 24 Sep 2007

My "Bookmarks" have disappeared from "listings".

I use BT dialup connection, but will not use their updates because they cause all sorts of problems with my computer. Probably become corrupt in the download, because it literally takes HOURS!.

Anyway, yesterday, when my husband was using the computer, he went up to the bookmarks as usual and all he got from the dropdown menu was "Add Bookmark", "Edit Bookmarks" and "Import Bookmark".

If I use "Edit Bookmarks" the list appears and I can access the website I want. That is how I have accessed this one.

Can anyone help me get my list back again - or advise me why they have disappeared from view. Would be very grateful - have accessed BT "Help" and it's about as helpful as a chocolate fireguard.


  Storik 13:46 24 Sep 2007

BT Yahoo is my home page. Along the top is a "Bookmarks" drop down menu and below that are various icons, one of which is a "book"= "bookmarks". It is this one that I usually use - and even recently "bookmarked" web pages disappear. The top "bookmarks" doesn't list them either.

It would appear that the only way I can access my bookmarks is via the "edit" function. I really don't know why this should suddenly happen.


  Storik 10:27 30 Nov 2007

It would appear that this is some fault with my home page on BT. Sometimes the bookmarks load, other times, like today, they do not.

Have given up on this problem - apart from anything else, the flipping home page changes from one to another at will. To add insult to injury, I have to sign in each time I access the internet and this can take anything from one to five minutes.

I am going to save myself the £15.00 per month for a very unreliable dialup connection and give the whole thing up as a bad job.


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