mak2 18:23 28 Apr 2006

My systems crashed and I need to reinstall windows. How do I recover bookmarks/favourites from firefox and opera. I connected the HDD to another system and I can get into my documents and program files.

  johnnyrocker 18:31 28 Apr 2006

file import/export to cd or floppy and reverse when pc up and running?


  splatter 18:32 28 Apr 2006

I don't use opera, but for Firefox (if you can actualy start it) click:

Bookmarsk -> Manage bookmarks.

This should open a new window. Then click:

File -> Export and choose where to locate the export file. Then just backup the export file to somewhere where it (hopefully) won't get deleted.

By default the file will save as bookmarks.html unless you specify otherwise.

  mak2 18:46 28 Apr 2006

I can't open either of these apps, I need to recover bookmarks without opening the the app's

  GroupFC 18:46 28 Apr 2006

The bookmarks should be in your profile folder, as bookmarks.htm. This page tells you how to locate your profiles folder click here.

I assume that there is a similar location for Opera, but I haven't used it for a long time, so can't check and haven't been able to find the answer (but have only done a quick trawl!).

  mak2 19:05 28 Apr 2006

Thanks GroupFC I located the firefox page, I looked thru Opera in the defaults folder, but nothing resembles it. Thanks again

  mak2 19:23 28 Apr 2006

Thank you all, I've located the other file as well, worry over.

  GroupFC 22:44 28 Apr 2006

Glad you have got it sorted.

Don't forget to tick as resolved.

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