Daiol 13:46 29 Jul 2008

Hello. Just went to do a spring clean on my desktop today and in the add/remove dept i came accross an item called 'Bonjour',can anyone please help me what is it do i keep or remove it??.Thanks daiol.

  PO79 13:49 29 Jul 2008

click here_(software)

  PO79 13:50 29 Jul 2008

Sorry the link does not full work, it's an apple discovery service, probably linked to iTunes.

  Daiol 13:52 29 Jul 2008

Thanks for reply,I forgot to say that i just got rid of itunes,so looking at it its safe to remove i presume ?.Thanks.

  Ditch999 14:38 29 Jul 2008

If you are not using an iPod or iTunes then yes it should be safe enough to remove.

  dogbreath1 14:44 29 Jul 2008

This program has also been guilty of causing loss of internet connectivity.

  Daiol 14:46 29 Jul 2008

Thankyou all,i will get shot of it.daiol

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