Bombarded with unsavory E Mail (Adult Nature)

  popali 12:08 26 Dec 2004

All this week starting about the 19th december 2004 I have been pestered with unwanted E Mails of an adult Nature. Up to now I have been binning them but each day more. Tiscali no help to now. Any ideas how to stop. How did they get my Address?...popali

  Technotiger 12:15 26 Dec 2004

Hi, what email program do you use? does it not have a Junk Filter, most do nowadays. Your email address!! It is easy to get anybody's email address if you know how. If your email program does not have a Junk Filter then try this one (it is a Free download) ... click here

Happy New Year.

  curlylad 12:23 26 Dec 2004

You could try Mailwasher.You can configure it so that it automatically deletes or doesn't accept emails from any source you choose. Free download click here

  Forum Editor 12:25 26 Dec 2004

they made it up.

Spammers create millions of email addresses by taking popular mail servers and adding randomly generated names to put in front of the @ part of the address. One of the bonuses that big servers hand to spammers is the need to assign alpha-numeric versions of popular first names. Suppose your name is Fred, and you have a mail account. There will be a hundred thousand people called Fred who want their unique address to include their name, so the BT mail server software creates [email protected], then [email protected] and so on. If you think about it for a few moments you'll realise that if you typed new addresses all day based on that system you still wouldn't have run out of variations on [email protected] by nightfall. Work your way through all the popular names and then start adding other words to the addresses and you'll get some idea of how easy it is for spammers to be sure of hitting 'live' addresses on a pretty regular basis.

  Graham ® 12:41 26 Dec 2004

My email address is [email protected]. That must be outside the scope of the spammers generators, as I don't get any spam.

  pj123 12:45 26 Dec 2004

I have always told the people I teach not to use their real name as an email address, particularly if you are female. (see the FE response above).

My email address (when spoken) sounds like my name but the spelling is very different.

I used to get a lot of these emails but I just deleted them and now, for the last two months, I haven't had any. Hopefully, that will continue.

  jagx400 12:48 26 Dec 2004

I can vouch for Technotiger's link, I use it and the small amount of spam I do get goes straight to the junk folder and then bounced if needed, and you can view your mail on the server. Mind you have to purchase for the advanced features but its worth it and a bit of fun.

  ACOLYTE 12:50 26 Dec 2004

I have a bogus account,well not bogus its a bt mail addy but you can set up a name protect account so your real email addy never gets used but you still get/send email the same way.

  Carl @ UD 12:54 26 Dec 2004

Forward it all to [email protected] ,if everyone does it they may get around to filtering.

  sicknote 13:18 26 Dec 2004

Tiscali do offer a service for spam,etc but looks like is costs.

click here

  spuds 16:40 26 Dec 2004

What ever you decide, use a recommended spam filter, do not bounce the mail, as this only jams up the internet and as no actual use. The spammer will not receive the bounced mail due to their methods of using the internet.

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